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PutzGrund 22

Putzgrund 22
Cement undercoat for concrete

High performance cement undercoat for concrete substrates for exteriors and interiors. Composition Putzgrunde 22 is a dry mortar made from Portland cement, graded sands and specific additives to improve workability and adhesion.

Use Putzgrunde 22 is used as cementbased undercoat on brickwork or concrete substrates on walls and ceilings before applying lime-and-cement-based plasters.The surface must be free from dust and dirt etc. Any traces of oil, grease, wax etc. must be removed beforehand.

Mixing: Putzgrunde 22 is applied using plaster sprayers, such as FASSA, PFT, PUTZKNECHT, PUTZMEISTER, TURBOSOL and the like. It is applied in a single layer up to a thickness of 4-5 mm. After mixing with water, the mortar must be applied within two hours. The plaster must be applied with the previous undercoat layer still fresh and in any case within 3-4 hours of its application, depending on the temperature and humidity conditions.

Warnings: The fresh mortar must be protected against frost and quick drying. Since the hardening of the mortar depends on the hydraulic setting of the cement, a temperature of +5°C is suggested as a minimum value for application and for obtaining proper hardening of the mortar. Below this value, setting would be delayed excessively and below 0°C the fresh or partially hardened mortar could be broken up by frost. On application, the plaster must be uniform and compact; excessive water could compromise the adhesion of the plaster. Putzgrunde 22 must only be used in its original state without the addition of other materials.

Storage Store in a dry place for no longer than 12 months.Quality Putzgrunde 22 is subjected to careful and constant testing in our laboratories. The raw materials used are rigorously selected and checked.