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GletPro 501

Glet Final Profesional 501

Glet Final is a white, extra fine-grained polymer-modified cement-powder. With the addition of water, a paste with a very good workabillity is formed, suitable for stuccoimg in eksterior areas. it is classified as type GP CS II, WO mortar according to EN998-1.

Directions for use: The substrate must be free of dust, paints etc. There is no need for priming or oil preparation before the application. The is added to water under continuous stirring until a uniform mixture with the desired workability is formed, suitable for stuccoing. The mixture is applied by spatula in two layers. Second layer follows after the first one has dried out (after 2-3 hours). Grinding and painting of the final surface is done approx. after 12 hours.

Fields of application: Glen Final is used for smoothing and preparing interior surfaces that are going to be covered with paint or other coatings. It is suitable for surfaces made of concrete or plaster and replaces oil stuccos and other similar materials.

Consumption: Approx. 1, 1 kg/m2/mm of layer thickness.

Shelf-life: 12 months from production date. All of the above are in effect if the product is stored in original unopened packaging, in places protected from moisture and frost.

Remarks: Temperature during application should be at least +5°C – 35°C. EBaufix Glet final contains cement and reacts as alkaline with water, so it is classified as irritant. Consult the usage risks and safety advice written on the bag.

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