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FlexFix 601

FlexFix 601
Tile adhesive, cement based

Tile adhesive, cement based product (C), with very high flexibility (S1), improved adhesive strength (2), resistant to slipping (T) and long workability time (E). It is applied for layers with a thickness up to 15 mm. Classified as C2TES1 adhesive according to standard EN 12004.

Specifications: Cement based adhesive, composed of high quality carbonate and marble sands with a selected granulometry, synthetic resins and specific additives. This high technology in the granulometric distribution and its special components, give to this product excellent features in flexibility and workability, which makes this adhesive ideal for adhesion of the marble tiles, natural stone, granite, mosaic etc.

Field of application: Suitable for the adhesion of marble tiles, stone tiles, mosaics, glass bricks, tiles with low absorption and high shim, for external and internal floors and walls in humidity presence.

Recommended for high facades, terraces, for central heating facilities, for facilities that are part of the ongoing vibrations pressures, also suitable for adhesion of tile on tile (in this case tiles should be fixed and stable), for industrial environments, for unstable and undulations supports (as a result of high elasticity and high rate of deformation).

Preparation of mixture: Mix 25kg FlexFix with 7-7,5 liters of clean water through an electric mixer, until is achieved a homogenous mass and without grains. Leave the mass at rest for 10 minutes and mix it again before usage. Workability time, in normal temperature conditions (23°C) is 2-3 hours.

Color: White

Consume: 2,5-5 kg / m2

Storage: Store in a dry place on wooden pallets.

Storage time: 12 months from the manufacture date.

Application temperature: +5°C to + 35°C