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Fasadë M30

Decorative Facade Full 1.0 – 1.5mm, 2.0mm

Ebaufix fasade Minerale is a pre mixed plaster with coarse aggregate (1 up to 3 mm), enriched with resins. Ebaufix fasade minerale offers: Total water-repellance acc. DIN 18550. exelent vapor permeability (breathing ability). Stable standardized preporites. Suitable for indoor and outdoor application. Cracking preventions unlike ordinary cementlime plasters. Simplifed application on site (needs only water). It is clasified as a type GP CS II, W2 mortar according to EN 998-1. Temperature during application should be at least +5C. Contains cement and reacts as alkaline with water, so is classified as irritant. Consult the usage risks and advice writen on the bag.

Direction for use: The substrate must be free of dust, grease, loose, particles etc. when necessary, before the application of Ebaufix fasade minerale the substrate is well dampened or primed with Ebaufix, wich reduces the absortivity of the substrate to ensure color uniformity allover the surface.

Application: Ebaufix fasade Minerale is added into clean water under continuous, until a mortar with the required workability is formed. The mixer to be used should be clean, to avoid any alteration of the plaster’s color. The plasters applied by hand, using a float or a trowel. The plaster is then treated by plastic or wooden float in horizontal, vertical, or circular movements depending on the desirable appearance of the surface. Working time depends on substrates absorptivity and ambient temperature. Ebaufix fasade Minerale is used to sreate a white water-repellent final coarsetextured surface on substrates with special demands in elasticity and adhesion. Approx. 1,4 kg/m2/mm of plaster thicknes.

Packaging: Ebaufix Fasade Mineraler is supplied in 25kg paper bags.

Shelf-life - Storage: 12 months from production date if stored in original, unopened packaging, in places protected from moisture and frost

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