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GletFix 444

GletFix 444
Leveled Glet modified- polymer

Leveled Glet is a polymer-modified, cementbased, fine-grained mortar, for indoor or outdoor application.With the addition of water a paste with very good workability is formed, suitable for puttying. It is classified as a PCC R2 type mortar, for concrete repairs, according to EN 1504-3. The substrate must be table and free of dust, grease, loose material etc. Before application of Leveled Glet the surface should be thoroughly dampened.

Application: Leveled Glet is gradually added into water, in a clean vessel, under continuous stirring, until a uniform pasty putty is formed.

Approx. 3 parts by volume Leveled Glet should be mixed with 1 part of water.

Consumption: Approx. 1,3 kg/m2/mm of layer thickness.

Fields of application: Smoothing and repairing of exposed concrete. Sealing of cracks, pores or cavities on concrete surfaces. Total surface smoothing (stuccoing) with very thin layers instead of plastering or cement mortar application.In hot weather GletFix should be watered after application, to be protected from water loss. GletFix contains cement and reacts as alkaline with water, so it is classified as irritant.

Packaging: 25kg.

Application conditions: from +5°C up to +35°C.

Storage: in dry conditions without humidity.

Shelf life: 12 months.